Whom are these contacts of which you speak?

Here at Script Doctor Eric, you may notice that names are not named.

Why don’t I list my entire contacts and resume on this site?

Let’s say I did.  Then, someone searches for “Agent-X.”  And because I have the name on my site, they are directed here.

While that may be good for me, when word gets back to the agent, she will not be impressed.  I still read scripts for many of these folks and prefer to remain on their good sides.

Plus, Script Doctor Eric is not intended to be the face of any management or production company, and I certainly don’t want to detract from their visitor count.

If you would like to see my resume and list of contacts, just send me an email and I will happily provide you with both.

But if you are just starting out, it is far more important to write a good screenplay than it is to have contacts.

Because if you have the best contacts but nothing to show, what good is that?

Really make sure you put the time and effort into your writing so that when you get in front of the right people, you’ll be ready.

Sorry for the lecture.  Let’s get back to writing.



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