Logline Friday Winner – Aug. 20th, 2010

The winner of Logline Friday for Friday, August 20th, 2010 is…Jon Bonnell!

@jbonnell What if your GPS started telling you WHEN to be there?

Though short and vague, Jon’s logline was mysterious enough to win me over. Sometimes all it takes is a little mystery.

Other times it takes more.

(A reader pointed out that this feels more like a “tagline,” and upon second thought I have to agree – it DOES read more like tagline than a logline. But, I’ve already crowned Jon the winner, so it’s too late. :) Congrats to Jon for a sneaky tagline masquerading as a logline…and winning!)

Jon wins free notes on the first 5 pages of any script he chooses to send my way.

To everyone else – good luck next Friday, and…



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