Logline Friday Winner – December 24th

And the winner of Logline Friday for December 24th, 2010 is…

Robert Pilkington!

@I_am_remote – In an isolated mountain town, young Felix is the 1st child to realize there’s no Santa.  Devastated, he riles his friends into a rambunctious storm, upsetting the town and awakening the Krampus, a forgotten, vicious legend that abducts naughty children during Christmas…and drags them to Hell.

While a little long, this logline is a intriguing counterpoint to the holiday cheer.  Sure, it reminds me a little of Rare Exports, but this seems unique enough.  Plus, that movie is Finnish, so I doubt you saw it.  (Though I wish we DID get more Finnish movies in our theaters…bring ’em over,Finns!)

Robert wins one month of Professional Screenwriting Tools, courtesy of Ashley at SellingYourScreenplay.com.

This is the second time Robert has won Logline Friday.  Both were for a creepy yet interesting pitch.  Way to go, man.  Keep scaring us.




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