Best (and Worst) Movies of 2010

It’s not as if Joey’s post The Top 43 Movies of 2010 inspired me to watch a few more films to catch up with her, because hey, this site is called Script Doctor Eric not “Movie Doctor Joey”, why does Joey have a “Top Movie List” and Script Doctor Eric doesn’t, dammit!?

No.  That’s not what happened at all.

Moving on.  Below I rank the movies of 2010 that I’ve seen into three categories.  Basically the top group are moves I loved, the middle group has a broad range, and the last group, well, I wouldn’t recommend those.

Unbelievably Good

1.    The Social Network
2.    True Grit
3.    Black Swan
4.    The King’s Speech
5.    Toy Story 3
6.    Kick-Ass
7.    Inside Job

Mostly Good

8.    Inception
9.    The Fighter
10.    Animal Kingdom
11.    Blue Valentine
12.    Exit Through the Gift Shop
13.    Get Him to the Greek
14.    Casino Jack and the United States of Money
15.    Please Give
16.    Catfish
17.    The Town
18.    Winter’s Bone
19.    The Kids are All Right
20.    It’s Kind of a Funny Story
21.    Buried
22.    Morning Glory
23.    Never Let Me Go
24.    Despicable Me
25.    Get Low
26.    Going the Distance
27.    The Switch
28.    127 Hours
29.    Easy A
30.    Babies
31.    Date Night
32.    The Other Guys
33.   Salt
34.    Iron Man 2
35.    Cop Out
36. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Not as Good

37.    Somewhere
38.    Shutter Island
39.    The Runaways
40.    The Karate Kid
41.    Flipped
42.    Leap Year

Agree?  Disagree?  Abstain?

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If there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s a debate about movies.



4 Responses to Best (and Worst) Movies of 2010

  1. Lin says:

    Sorry, Eric, but I think True Grit was just another good western. Bridges did a good job, but I’ve seen a hundred actors in a hundred westerns, play their characters just a well. A kick-ass, standout performance in a western has to be Kilmer in Tombstone. Hell, Steven Lange did a great job as Ike Clanton.

    True Grit doesn’t measure up to films like Unforgiven.

    • Eric says:

      I think that’s part of the appeal of True Grit. Even if it’s just “another good western” like you and others say, it has been a long time since we’ve had a good western in the theater…

  2. K J Doree says:

    I think you have “Winter’s Bone” and “Never Let Me Go” too far down the list and “Cop Out” too high. But, you know, to each their own.

    • Eric says:

      I like both “Winter’s Bone” and “Never Let Me Go” a lot…I just liked the movies above them better…

      Cop Out is really close to the bottom already, lol…