Screenplay Consultant vs. Script Doctor

Though the name of my site is Script Doctor Eric – I have been referred to as everything from “Dr. Eric,” to “Doc Eric,” to “Hey you!” – I’m actually more of a screenplay consultant than a script doctor.

What’s the difference between a screenplay consultant and script doctor?

A script doctor is usually someone hired by a movie studio or production company to rewrite an existing script.  To “doctor it,” if you will.

A script consultant, on the other hand, primarily gives notes to screenwriters.  They “consult” on ways to make it better.  A screenplay consultant is more of a teacher, or personal coach for screenwriters.

And that’s exactly what I do in my Screenplay Services. I do NOT write the script for you, but point out areas that need work, and give you ideas on directions to go.  It’s up to you to execute those changes, hopefully improving as a writer along the way.

So why am I “Script Doctor Eric” and not “Screenplay Consultant Eric?”

Mainly because “screenplay consultant” is clunkier.  “Script doctor” is sleek and easy to remember.

In other words, it’s just a name.

Sorry for the confusion.

And now…



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