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Coming this Fall…

As many of you know, I am currently on break from script consulting as I finish a larger project.   Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  And I can see that it will be possible to reach that light by this fall. While I still update and Matt and I do […]

Screenwriting is Writing – Lesson 2: Verbs

This is the second post in the “Screenwriting is Writing” series.  The first: Screenwriting is Writing – Lesson 1: On Writing One GIANT difference between amateur and professional screenwriters is verb usage.  Thus, one of the quickest way to improve your screenwriting is by improving your verbs. How do you “improve” verbs?  Beats me.  Google […]

Lady Gaga and your screenplay

Please Note:  This is NOT a post about whether or not you should put specific songs in your script.  For an answer to that question (Hint: Don’t do it!) please see the inconspicuously titled – Put Specific Songs in your Script? What do you listen while you write? In a 2011 episode of “The Treatment […]

Lesson 1: Screenwriting is Writing

One of if the most important aspects of screenwriting many first-time screenwriters tend to ignore is the WRITING.* Half of screenwriting is WRITING  Actually, more than half: “SCREEN” has six letter, “WRITING” has seven. That’s a majority! Revised one-liner advice: Seven-thirteenths of “screenwriting” is “writing” A well-written screenplay can make up for a lot of […]

Oscar Nominated Screenplays – Free Downloads

Awards season is my favorite time of year for three reasons: 1. Most of the best movies are released – I wish they would spread the “good” films more throughout the year, but now I sure look forward to the holidays.  Ah, the holidays: eating food, seeing my family, and convincing my family to go […]