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Halfway Back

While I’m done with the larger project that kept me on hiatus through most of 2012, there are still a few odds and ends I’m catching up on before relaunching my screenwriting services. These “odds and ends” will be done soon.  As in, the next few days. So if you have a script and are looking […]

The First Things That Will Happen Upon My Return…

Howdy! It’s an exciting time.  Not just because awards-season movies are out, or because everyone seems to have stopped working due to the holiday season, but, more importantly* the return of Script Doctor Eric is very, very close at hand! (If you’re thinking “What return?” please see this post) The point of THIS post is […]

Coming this Fall…

As many of you know, I am currently on break from script consulting as I finish a larger project.   Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  And I can see that it will be possible to reach that light by this fall. While I still update and Matt and I do […]

What Do You Charge to Read My Script?

For some reason, I’ve been getting this question a lot recently: How much will you charge to read my script?* The short answer is…nothing! The long answer is, it’s usually around $100, but I’m not reading scripts right now due to my involvement in a larger project. Sorry for teasing you with the short answer. […]

Script Doctor Eric’s Hiatus Extended

As some of you know, my screenplay services have been on hold since early 2011 due to my involvement in a larger project. In my original post on this topic (Script Doctor Eric on Semi-Hiatus), I estimated the project would be finished by early this year.  Unfortunately, it looks like it will take another six […]