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Scriptcast 59 – Best of 2014 (Sort of)

In this brisk episode Matt and Eric are joined by writer Brian Lee to talk about the best things we watched in 2014. Apologies for the quality of my microphone.  We continue to tweak our audio in this new post-UCLA Radio era.  Matt and Brian sound great, and I will never, ever use that mic again.  […]

Scriptcast 58 – All About Matt (And making short films, and Randall Park, and more…)

Eric interviews Matt about his experiences writing and creating short films for Channel 101 and elsewhere. Matt’s shorts are mentioned in the discussion.  The best ones include: Also… Dr. Miracles Super Fetus Karate PI And Baby Mentalist from Randall Park Discussed: Matt Hill, short films, Randall Park, more Randall Park, Channel 101, Randall Park again, Craig […]

Scriptcast 56 – Update

Matt and Eric return for a 30 minute chat and discuss what they’ve been up to for the past two years.  Along the way, they discover one the secrets of life.  (Sort of.) Music: None.  (No, that’s not the name of a band, but there is probably a band out there named “None.”  If so, […]

Scriptcast 55 – Fade Out (For Now)

Matt and Eric record at the UCLA Radio studios for the final time, as they get jobs and finish grad school (respectively). However, new Scriptcast episodes have been recorded outside the studio, and are coming soon! Music: “The Future Soon” – Jonathan Coulton Discussed: Listener questions, writing down movie ideas as they come, when to break […]

Alexandra Choi Goes Behind the Scenes at Scriptcast

A few weeks ago* Alexandra Choi armed with cameras and a Brooklyn accent, joined me and Matt in the UCLA Radio studios for the live recording of the screenwriting podcast Scriptcast.  Matt and I had a great time, everyone laughed a lot, and we were sad to see Alexandra go. (The episode will be up on iTunes […]