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Logline Friday Winner – January 21st

Without further adieu, the Logline Friday Winner for Friday, January 21st, 2011 is… Richard Romero! @zombiejourno – Two serial killers from different states, unknowingly stalk each other online. For both, the tables are turned. Who prevails? Not sure how he’ll pull this off  (Will we follow one killer or two?  Will one killer be empathetic […]

Logline Friday Winner – December 31st

And the Logline Friday winner for the last Friday of 2010 (December 31st) is… Delayna! @DerisiveDoll – After the city’s superheroine is murdered, her shy sister, desperate to lead a normal life, is asked to avenge her sister’s death by stopping the villain who is now wreaking havoc on the city. Is it a bit […]

Logline Friday Winner – September 24th

Wow.  Talk about competition.  Due to the help of Ashley at Selling Your Screenplay, we had the MOST entries of any Logline Friday since the contest began (in beta form) in 2009! That’s great, Eric, but who won? Getting to it, sheesh!  If you scrolled down without reading this to see who won, then you […]

Logline Friday Winner – September 17th

The winner of Logline Friday for September 17th, 2010 is… Carla! “After his girlfriend says I love you, a young man panics and breaks up with her.  He wakes the next morning to find that every woman now looks like his ex.” It reminds me a little of that scene from BEING JOHN MALKOVICH where […]

Logline Friday Winner – September 10th

And the winner of Logline Friday for September 10th, 2010 is… Anthony Filangeri! What happens when two high school girls like the same boy? A) Catfight. B) House fire. C) Cold blooded murder. D) All the above. While Anthony’s logline isn’t breaking new ground conceptually, his presentation is original enough to grab attention, yet not […]