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Logline Friday Winner – Disarranged Love

This week’s Logline Friday winner comes from an emailed logline, yet the winner has a Twitter account.  It’s all very confusing. But nothing is confusing about the logline from winner Elizabeth E!  Check it out: @LizEileenwrites – Sick of dating, an American woman decides to have an arranged marriage, but is torn between the man her […]

Logline Friday Winner – Unhappy Camper

The winner of Logline Friday for January 11th, 2013, comes to us from from Twitter: @CharlieXBarnett – Suddenly becoming homeless and keeping it a secret from your new girlfriend… priceless. That sounds like an obstacle with a large challenge to overcome!  It also reminds of the hilarious scene from HALF BAKED when Dave Chappelle stretched […]

Logline Friday Winner – Off the (Google) Map

This week’s Logline Friday didn’t yield as many loglines as usual.  The ones submitted were generally good – many of you tweeted loglines that were oh, so close!  But they still had one or two things off. The dip in submission numbers had me wondering a few things: 1. Is the game too difficult? Coming up […]

Screenwriting Office Hours

Today marks the first day of screenwriting office hours. In other words, from noon to one today, chat me up!  I’ll be answering questions on screenwriting, query letters, selling your screenplay, LA, my personal life (boring!) or anything else you can think of. Tweet me on Twitter, or message me on Facebook or gchat during […]

Logline Friday Winner – The Claim

Happy New Year’s Eve!* We end this holiday season with an extremely competitive Logline Friday.  Honestly, there were seven loglines that I thought could be winners.  It was a struggle to pick one. So how did I decide?  I did what I usually do when caught in a dilemma – I asked for a second […]