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The $3 Screenwriting Contest – New Grand Prize!

As some of you know, I’m holding a Mini-Screenwriting Contest (Also known as “The $3 Screenwriting Contest,” hence the title of this post) and we have an announcement. [Insert DRUM ROLL…then CYMBAL CRASH!] We have a new grand prize!  Ashley Meyers of SellingYourScreenplay.com has generously donated a year membership to his suite of screenwriting tools.  […]

Logline Friday Winner – December 3rd

And the winner of December 3rd’s Logline Friday competition is… Steve Spatucci! @stevepatucci When their cruise ship is hijacked, five washed-up TV actors struggle to recall the skills from their most famous roles in order to rescue the passengers from a mangy crew of pirates. It’s GALAXY QUEST meets THE LIFE AQUATIC!  Or  GALAXY QUEST […]

Logline Friday Prize – Professional Screenwriting Tools!

Ashley of SellingYourScreenplay.com has graciously donated a 1-month subscription to his Professional Screenwriting Tools to the winner of designated Logline Friday competitions! Not familiar with Ashley’s new service?  (Did you not click the link above?)  Well, it includes a screenwriting forum, ways to build your own website, and access to his query-blast service. So click […]