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The Top 5 Most Common Mistakes in Screenplay Query Letters

I’ve been reading a few query letters for a client who is literally (OK, not “literally”) buried in them.  Writers are making so many of the same errors I just had to post about it.  Please, people, please read the below tips BEFORE you send your query letter out.  The five most common mistakes I’m […]

Script Doctor Eric’s Query Letter Contest

This contest is from 2009 and is now over! Sorry if you missed it. . .. … Script Doctor Eric Presents… Script Doctor Eric’s Query Letter Contest! GRAND PRIZE One free FULL SERVICE from Script Doctor Eric ($99 value) RUNNER UP One free QUICK READ from Script Doctor Eric ($50 value) HONORABLE MENTION Free Query […]

Query Letter Writing Service

So you’ve spent months writing a script, and now you want to sell it. You’ve read my post How to Write a Query Letter and want to put the same care into your query letter as you did writing the script. Good plan. As a freelance script reader I not only get paid to read […]