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No Scriptcast Recording This Week

In case you didn’t know, Matt and I usually record Scriptcast – A Screenwriting Podcast on Wednesday mornings at the UCLA Radio station. This week, due to scheduling issues – Matt scheduled an interview that could land him a job, and I scheduled catching up on some work – we will not be there. So […]

Scriptcast 39: Anne Lower

In this episode of Scriptcast – A Screenwriting Podcast Matt and Eric are joined by screenwriter / web series creator Anne Lower, known as @Princess_Scribe on Twitter.  She arrived a bit late, so the episode is a somewhat shorter than others, and ends abruptly.  Think you’ll still enjoy it! Music: “Can’t Go Back” – Putnam Hall […]

Princess Scribe on Scriptcast!

Some of you know her as Princess Scribe.  Others as Anne Lower.  Whatever you call her, she’s coming on Scriptcast this Wednesday, February 22nd at 11am! Listen live by going to UCLAradio.com on Wednesday at 11am and clicking the “Listen Live” button at the top of the page. We’ll be chatting with Anne about her […]

Your Favorite Screenwriting Podcast (Scriptcast) Returns!

The holidays are officially over; you know what that means… It’s time to record some new episodes of Scriptcast! NEW TIME! Catch the raw, unedited, unscripted conversation that is our live shows, by going to UCLAradio.com on Wednesdays, 10am-noon (Pacific).  The first one is tomorrow. If you miss the live recording, the edited episode will […]

Craig Mazin, Scriptnotes, and Script Consultants

**Update – A more direct response to Mazin and Scriptnotes can be found in the post I Am Script Consultant (And So Can You!) I knew that listening to the recent episode of Scriptcast (John August and Craig Mazin’s podcast) titled Screenwriting gurus and other so-called experts might get me a little riled up.  After […]