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Selling a Screenplay is Mostly WRITING a Good Screenplay

A while back, my friend Ashley from our writers’ group wrote a post on his site (SellingYourScreenplay.com) called I’ll do what ever it takes to sell my sell my screenplay.* It’s a great piece, and I hope you read if you haven’t already.  It addresses is an issue I encounter time and time again with […]

The $3 Screenwriting Contest – New Grand Prize!

As some of you know, I’m holding a Mini-Screenwriting Contest (Also known as “The $3 Screenwriting Contest,” hence the title of this post) and we have an announcement. [Insert DRUM ROLL…then CYMBAL CRASH!] We have a new grand prize!  Ashley Meyers of SellingYourScreenplay.com has generously donated a year membership to his suite of screenwriting tools.  […]

This Friday’s Scriptcast (A Screenwriting Podcast)

For this Friday’s episode of Scriptcast we’re honored to be joined by screenwriter Ashley Meyers. As many of you know, Ashley’s website SellingYourScreenplay.com is a treasure trove of tools and information on how to market and sell your screenplay.  If you’ve never been to the site, the post How to Sell Your Screenplay (in a […]

Selling Your First Screenplay

Dear Script Doctor Eric: I’ve written my first screenplay and am looking to sell it.  Can you please tell me the best way to do this?  Should I write a query letter?  Synopsis?  Treatment? Is there a certain format for this? Sincerely, Pat Screenwriter — The above is a fabrication (Who is named Pat Screenwriter?). […]

Screenwriting Question: Which Agent?

A screenwriter recently sent me this question via email: Which screenwriting agent should I get? This is an interesting question that assumes two things: 1. Your screenplay is good enough to land an agent. 2. You need an agent to sell your screenplay. Let me answer the second point first.  (Because it’s more confusing that way…)  So you’ve written a […]