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Los Angeles Writers Group – The Deadline Junkies

If you listened to the recent episode of Scriptcast with guest Adam Strange, you heard us discuss screenwriting groups, and more specifically, the group Adam started: Deadline Junkies. It’s a great group.  The actors are amazing; hearing them read really helps me shape dialogue and craft characters. The writers in the group are top notch.  […]

Scriptcast 14: Writers Groups

In this episode of Scriptcast (a screenwriting podcast) Matt and Eric are joined by Adam Strange to discuss the pros and cons of screenwriting groups… Music: “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” – Traditional Discussed: Adam Strange, sabermetrics, UCLA Radio, Dear Zachary – an amazing / depressing documentary, dark twists in Dear Zachary, Adam defends […]

On Scriptcast this Tuesday: Adam Strange on Los Angeles Screenwriters Groups and Deadline Junkies

On Scriptcast (A Screenwriting Podcast) this week: Writer-Producer Adam Strange will join Matt and Eric to discuss his experiences with screenwriting groups, and why the recent group he founded – Deadline Junkies – is a cut above the rest. Listen live by going to UCLAradio.com this Tuesday at 4pm Pacific.  Ask me, Adam, or Matt […]

Writers Groups, Live Readings

If you’ve used my screenwriting services, you might have received this note from me: To help improve you work, I highly recommend having your work read out loud by actors or friends… I’m currently a member of an Los Angeles based writers group where we have weekly readings of our work.  Someone reads the description/action, […]