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The Great Movie Challenge of 2012 – Ends Today!

I’ve put up a few Facebook and Twitter updates on this, but I just wanted to post a final reminder… It’s now the last of day of January in the year 2013.  What does that mean? Besides that it’s time to make my New Year’s resolutions,* it’s the last day to submit your list to The […]

Screenwriting Office Hours

Today marks the first day of screenwriting office hours. In other words, from noon to one today, chat me up!  I’ll be answering questions on screenwriting, query letters, selling your screenplay, LA, my personal life (boring!) or anything else you can think of. Tweet me on Twitter, or message me on Facebook or gchat during […]

Update: The Great Movie Challenge of 2012

Howdy! For those participating in The Great Movie Challenge of 2012: How’s it going?   Wasn’t CHRONICLE awesome?  Isn’t THE AVENGERS overrated?   For those that don’t know about the challenge: Did you click that link?  No?  Well, you kinda need to click it in order to understand the rest of this post.  So…just click!   I’ll […]

No New Post Today

Does posting about not having a new post count as a new post?* I won’t be writing on screenwriting (or screenwriting AND writing) today for two reasons: 1. I posted twice last week. (Boy are my fingers tired!) 2. I’m launching a little something on Sunday that will call for a post EVERY Sunday.   (Stay […]