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Update: The Great Movie Challenge of 2012

Howdy! For those participating in The Great Movie Challenge of 2012: How’s it going?   Wasn’t CHRONICLE awesome?  Isn’t THE AVENGERS overrated?   For those that don’t know about the challenge: Did you click that link?  No?  Well, you kinda need to click it in order to understand the rest of this post.  So…just click!   I’ll […]

Oscar Nominated Screenplays – Free Downloads

Awards season is my favorite time of year for three reasons: 1. Most of the best movies are released – I wish they would spread the “good” films more throughout the year, but now I sure look forward to the holidays.  Ah, the holidays: eating food, seeing my family, and convincing my family to go […]

The 5 Worst Movies of 2011

Yes, the last two posts have been “Top 5” style updates…Sorry, I guess I’m in a top 5 / bottom 5 mood.  –Eric Just like last year (see: Best Movies of 2010) I’m trying to see as many current movies as I can.  I’m keeping a list, ranking the films, and will post it right […]

Bridesmaids – Overrated?

BRIDESMAIDS received some of the most glowing reviews I’ve ever read from Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Wall Street Journal, and Slate (amongst others). Most of the time, comedies don’t fare nearly as well.  Could this be an affirmative action-like inflation to support more female-led comedies? (Which I fully support.)  Or is […]

Inside Job – Screenplay and Info

I published this review of the documentary Inside Job a few months back after I caught it at the Landmark. Now that the film has won the Academy Award for Best Documentary and gone to DVD, a lot more people seem to be searching “script” and “Inside Job,” which leads them to this site. I […]