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Logline Friday Winner – Her New Girlfriend

And the winner of everyone’s favorite Friday logline contest (Logline Friday) for February 1st, 2013, is… Ronald F! Ronald’s logline for the script HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND: She’s dating a girl for the first time and she’s never been happier.  Little does she know, she’s really dating her “ex boyfriend” who got a really good sex […]

Logline Friday Winner – Class Dismissed

And the winner of the weekly logline competition called Logline Friday for January 25, 2013 is…Geoff Breedwell! Screw that guy!  My logline was better than his…even though I haven’t read his yet…I just know it in my bones! First of all, can you really know anything “in your bones?”  And second…well, you may be correct. […]

Friday’s Scriptcast (A Screenwriting Podcast) – Loglines

Matt returns for this Friday’s Scripcast so we’re return to discussing both screenwriting AND television writing. Here are a few topics we’re kicking around (Subject to change…but not likely to because that means more work.): 1. Matt really wants to talk about Game of Thrones and the fantasy genre.  So we’ll briefly chat about that. […]

Logline Friday Winner – January 28th

And the Logline Friday winner for Friday, January 28th, 2011 is… Kim Britt! In a futuristic society where people are born knowing the exact day they will die, a man is forced to go on the run when he exceeds his life-expectancy and suddenly finds himself hunted by government agent desperate to discover how he cheated […]

Logline Friday Winner – January 21st

Without further adieu, the Logline Friday Winner for Friday, January 21st, 2011 is… Richard Romero! @zombiejourno – Two serial killers from different states, unknowingly stalk each other online. For both, the tables are turned. Who prevails? Not sure how he’ll pull this off  (Will we follow one killer or two?  Will one killer be empathetic […]