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The Top 5 Most Common Mistakes in Screenplay Query Letters

I’ve been reading a few query letters for a client who is literally (OK, not “literally”) buried in them.  Writers are making so many of the same errors I just had to post about it.  Please, people, please read the below tips BEFORE you send your query letter out.  The five most common mistakes I’m […]

What does a Script Reader Do?

A script reader (or “Reader”) is the person who reads scripts for agents, producers, managers, assistants, and…pretty much everyone. It works like this (I used “agent” here, but feel free to substitute “manager,” “producer,” “executive,” etc.): 1. An agent gets sent a script from a client, manager, friend of a friend, or sometimes even from […]

Writing a Query with No Screenwriting Credits

Recently I received a question from a screenwriter who wanted to know how to write a query letter when they didn’t have writing credits. Below is my response, more or less. Also, I recommend checking out Ashley Scott Meyers’s piece: How to write a professional query letter for your screenplay. -Eric In my piece How […]

How to Write a Query Letter

A query letter is a letter or email – usually unsolicited – that screenwriters send to agents, managers, and producers to entice them into reading their scripts. If I had a nickel for every bad query I’ve read, I’d be a rich, rich, (did I say rich? I meant RICH) man. To help out screenwriters […]