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What Happened to Logline Friday?

Logline Friday – your favorite free weekly online script logline competition* – is still going.   So every Friday, feel free to tweet or email me your best logline. Don’t know the rules to Logline Friday?  Check out the original post about it – Logline Friday Rules and Everything Unfortunately, I don’t have time to declare […]

Logline Friday Winner – June 4th, 2010

Without further ado, the Logline Friday winner for June 4th, 2010 is…Levan Hines a.k.a. @FinalDraftJunki! @FinalDraftJunki – “Heavenly Decent” – Angels go on strike and, descend on earth to find jobs when God cancels the end of times. Though a phrase like “the end of times” seems a bit vague, I like the strong “fish […]