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Logline Friday Returns! (Maybe)

As some of my Twitter followers and Facebook friends know (and let’s be clear – there is a clear distinction between online “friends” and “followers”…okay, no there’s not…) we’re resurrecting Logline Friday for a test run. But the deadline has changed!  It’s now Friday at 11am (Pacific).   Start sending your loglines now – or any […]

Spooky Logline Friday – This Friday!

Logline Friday for October 29th, 2010 will run exactly the same as Logline Fridays of the past, but with one notable difference: The scariest logline wins. In previous Logline Fridays, sometimes the scariest logline HAS won.  (See: List of Past Logline Friday Winners) But this time, the scariest logline is GUARANTEED to win. So, shelve […]

Surprise! Logline Friday with Giveaways!

Get those loglines ready because… Surprise! Friday, March 26th, I’m holding a Logline Friday! But instead of free notes, the winner will receive ONE FREE ENTRY (sorry, no feedback) into my 2010 Screenplay Competition! RULES -Everything besides the prize is the same as a regular Logline Friday: Limit 3 loglines per person, you must write […]

Appealing the Logline Friday Decision

First of all, thank you for participating in Logline Friday! Every month the competition grows, and I love seeing so many screenwriters working on loglines, pitches, and condensing their stories. If you read the most recent Logline Friday winner and thought, “Hey, my logline is better than that!” you were probably not alone. Sorry! Every […]