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No Unsolicited Material, No New Clients

When you’re sending out screenplay query letter to agencies, managers, or production companies, you will face a number of hurdles. Don’t get discouraged.  Rejection is a part of the game. If you’re already send out a query letter, then you may have noticed that some companies use similar phrases to discourage writers from submitting work.  […]

What does a Script Reader Do?

A script reader (or “Reader”) is the person who reads scripts for agents, producers, managers, assistants, and…pretty much everyone. It works like this (I used “agent” here, but feel free to substitute “manager,” “producer,” “executive,” etc.): 1. An agent gets sent a script from a client, manager, friend of a friend, or sometimes even from […]

Screenplay Query Letter Contest Winner

Query: KILLSIGHT by Josh Barbee Premise: In an attempt to find her estranged father, Hope finds herself in harm’s way at every turn as everyone she comes into contact with is overcome with the sudden urge to kill her. Rescued by a stranger named Danny, Hope puts her life in his hands as the one […]

Query Letter Contest Winners!

GRAND PRIZE WINNER Josh B. Josh will receive one free FULL SERVICE and his query will be passed to a WGA signatory agent.Read his query and why it won RUNNER UP Tim M. Tim wins one free QUICK READ and his query will be passed to a WGA signatory agent. HONORABLE MENTION Gary  L. Gary […]

Script Doctor Eric’s Query Letter Contest

This contest is from 2009 and is now over! Sorry if you missed it. . .. … Script Doctor Eric Presents… Script Doctor Eric’s Query Letter Contest! GRAND PRIZE One free FULL SERVICE from Script Doctor Eric ($99 value) RUNNER UP One free QUICK READ from Script Doctor Eric ($50 value) HONORABLE MENTION Free Query […]