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How to Write a Movie in 2013 – Lesson 1: The Idea

This is the first of a weekly series that takes you through the step by step process of writing a screenplay.  If you follow each step, you’ll go from concept to first draft by March! -Eric How to Write a Movie in 2013 Lesson 1: Come Up With a Good Idea for a Movie Is […]

Screenwriting is Writing – Lesson 2: Verbs

This is the second post in the “Screenwriting is Writing” series.  The first: Screenwriting is Writing – Lesson 1: On Writing One GIANT difference between amateur and professional screenwriters is verb usage.  Thus, one of the quickest way to improve your screenwriting is by improving your verbs. How do you “improve” verbs?  Beats me.  Google […]

Lesson 1: Screenwriting is Writing

One of if the most important aspects of screenwriting many first-time screenwriters tend to ignore is the WRITING.* Half of screenwriting is WRITING  Actually, more than half: “SCREEN” has six letter, “WRITING” has seven. That’s a majority! Revised one-liner advice: Seven-thirteenths of “screenwriting” is “writing” A well-written screenplay can make up for a lot of […]