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Selling a Screenplay is Mostly WRITING a Good Screenplay

A while back, my friend Ashley from our writers’ group wrote a post on his site (SellingYourScreenplay.com) called I’ll do what ever it takes to sell my sell my screenplay.* It’s a great piece, and I hope you read if you haven’t already.  It addresses is an issue I encounter time and time again with […]

How to Find a Legitimate Agent to Sell My Screenplay

I got this question recently: Dear Eric, For weeks I have been searching for a reputable list of agencies to submit for query letter to. Initially, I thought the agencies on the WGA website were legitimate, but some of them don’t release their clients, which seems fishy. I read somewhere that agencies that keep their […]

How do I get agents/producers to read my Query Letter?

This question was recently sent to me via my Facebook account Hey, Eric. Been writing for a long time. Have a couple produced films and have sold several others (in Texas, where it pays nothing). You talk about writing great query letters, but it doesn’t seem like any reputable agents/managers want to read them. You […]

Scriptcast 11: Ashley Meyers on Selling your Script

Ashley Meyers from SellingYoursScreenplay.com stops by to chat with Eric about query letters, his blog, and tips for selling your screenplay. Music: A Beautiful Mine (Theme Music from Mad Men) – RJD2 Discussed: Ashley Meyers, Confessions of a Sex Addict, empathetic protagonists, indie films, Netflix streaming, Writer’s Market, rejection letters, Dish Dogs, rewriting, Sean Astin, […]

Selling Your First Screenplay

Dear Script Doctor Eric: I’ve written my first screenplay and am looking to sell it.  Can you please tell me the best way to do this?  Should I write a query letter?  Synopsis?  Treatment? Is there a certain format for this? Sincerely, Pat Screenwriter — The above is a fabrication (Who is named Pat Screenwriter?). […]