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Support Something Sunday on Hold (Like Nearly Everything Else)

Support Something Sunday is now on hold.  It will return in the fall, like so many other things on this site. What else is there to look forward to this November?  Check out: Coming this Fall I suppose this was inevitable.  Over a month ago, I attempted to start up Support Something Sunday and have [...]

Support “Dear White People”

The project chosen for this week’s Support Something Sunday (#SSS) is the feature film DEAR WHITE PEOPLE. The trailer sold me.  Funny, stylish, edgy, AND it looks like it’s almost entirely shot at UCLA, even using the venerable UCLA Radio studios where we record our screenwriting podcast Scriptcast. As of the writing of this post, they’ve [...]

Support Something Sunday – Send me your Indiegogo or Kickstarter Project

Support Something Sunday has been going strong since April.  Thanks for reading about the projects!  Did you join me and kick in a few bucks to help folks get their dreams off the ground? What?  No!??!!?  Well, that’s okay.  There’s always a Sunday around the corner with a new, great project worthy of a few [...]